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AISJ 2013 at the summit

2013 American School of Johannesburg.

Is your school looking to provide its students with an amazing opportunity for team building and problem solving while taking on both physical and psychological challenges?  Giving teens a chance to face healthy risks and challenges in a natural setting, away from the pressures and influences of school and home, can give them a chance to look at new ways of setting goals and priorities.  Trekking to the Roof of Africa will not only give students the usual benefits of hiking: a chance to bond with their classmates and teachers, sharing amazing experiences and learning to love the outdoors. It will take them to the highest point of Africa, through one of the most unique ecosystems in the world including one of the few equatorial glaciers and create memories and positive influences that will last a lifetime.

We have many years of experience taking groups with children or those with special needs up Kilimanjaro including: school groups, family groups, and even blind trekkers.  While there are concerns about risks when traveling to remote wilderness areas, our team of guides is trained in first aid and emergency rescue procedures.  Safety on the mountain is our primary concern and we come completely prepared so that our climbers can just enjoy the climb!



The International Award, is an exciting self-development programme for all young people between the age of 14 and 25,worldwide. It equips them with life skills, builds their confidence and engages them with their communities. To date more than six million young people from over 125 countries have undertaken a variety of voluntary and challenging activities through the Award. It began in 1956 in the UK and over the last 52 years has spread across the globe, because the philosophy and the format have proved attractive and adaptable to many cultures.


It gives all young people the opportunity to experience challenges and adventure, to acquire new skills and to make new friends. The Award transforms the lives of young people.

AISJ 2015 in the Drakensburgs

The American International School of Johannesburg 2015