Valid Passport 1 Must have minimum of 3 empty pages. Must be valid for at least 6 months after date of trip.
Visa 1 $100 for Americans, Its good for one year. For most other nationalities, See our travel information link on the drop-down top menu on the right. You can purchase your visa on the arrival at the aiport.
Immunization 1 Bring your vaccination records. You must have a yellow fever immunization in order to return in your country from eastern African countries, unless you live in those countries.
Day Pack 1 Between 15 and 30 liters. You will carry as you hike. Must have a waist band. Large enough to carry your camera, rain gear, snacks, 2-4L of water, and warm clothing.
Large Duffel Bag (NOT a backpack) 1 +/50 liters for transporting gear. This bag will be checked on the plane and carried by the porter up the mountain. Total weight after packing is strictly limited to 15 to 18 kg (35 lb). If over, you will be charged.
Plastic Bags 8+VI Ziploc bags for waterproofing.
Small Locks/optional. 2 To lock zippers together on duffel bag and small extra bag.
Small Bag 1 To keep at the hotel during the hike. Will contain a fresh set of clothes.
Hiking Boots 1 pair Waterproof, ankle support/height, well-worn-in. These must be worn to every training. You need to have them 2-3 months in advanced, and make sure they fit comfortable with 2thick pair of socks.VI
Comfortable Walking Shoes 1 pair Lightweight for walking around before and after the hike and at the camp zones.
Sandals/flip flap. 1 pair Lightweight for walking around before and after the hike and at the camp zones.
Gaiters 1 pair Durable and waterproof to protect against mud, snow, and shale. Consider knee-high.
Warm Socks 2 pair For use higher on the mountain and in colder weather. Mohair or wool.
Trekking Socks 6+ pairs For the lower slopes; designed for warmer weather.
Liner Socks 2 pairs For under warm socks in case of extreme cold. These will wick away moisture.
Down Jacket / Ski Parka 1 Waterproof, breathable, & windproof. For temperatures well below freezing plus wind.
Rain Jacket/poncho 1 Waterproof, breathable, & windproof. Needed in hot rainforest and cold snow.
Rain Pants 1 pair Waterproof, breathable, & windproof. Needed in hot rainforest and cold snow.
Fleece Jacket 1 Polar fleece 300 or a Polar fleece 200 + 100 (equal to a 300 series). A wool sweater will also work.
Fleece Pants 1 pair Polar fleece pants
Thermal Long Underwear Pants 1+ pair Polar fleece is best, or polypropylene. Preferably wick able
Thermal Long Underwear Top 1+pair Polar fleece is best, or polypropylene. Preferably wickable.
Underwear Breathable fabric. Preferably wickable
Sport Bras (for women) Breathable fabric. Preferably wickable.
Pants 2 Quick drying Explorer type fabric is best. For hiking and lounging in the evenings. Wickable is best.
Long-Sleeved Shirts 3+ For hiking and lounging in the evenings.
Shorts 3+ For lower altitude, first and last day only. Wickable is best.
T-Shirts 5+ For lower altitude, first and last day only. Wickable is best.
Regular Underwear
Liner Gloves/Mitten can be the best 1 pair Preferably made of Polypropylene
Outer Gloves 1 pair Waterproof, windproof, and breathable
Sun hat 1 Wool or polar fleece is best
Balaclava/Bandana or both. 1 Polar fleece is best
Trekking Poles 1 pair Good and adjustable.
Insulated Water Bottles 1 Compulsory to stop water freezing high on the mountain.
Water Bottle / Camelback 2-4 You must have the capacity to carry 3 liters.
Water Purification Tablets 40 Chlorine or iodine based.
Headlamp 1 Popular models are Petzl Zoom or energizer.Make sure to have a spare battery is VI.
Sunglasses 1 pair Good UV protected lenses. Avoid metal frames.
Spare batteries For headlamp and other electronics
Small Towel / Face Cloth 1 Compact and quick drying (optional).
Sun Hat 1 Should have a wide brim
Sleeping Bag 1 Rated -25 degrees C / -10 degrees F or colder.
Sleeping Bag Liner 1 Ideally made from Microtex or Polar fleece can give you a good night sleep.
Sunscreen 1 Preferably oil based SPF 30+.for those coming from usa/Eu.UVA-UVB protection.
Vaseline 1 To help avoid friction of your socks to prevent blisters
Lip Balm 1 SPF rates is best
Baby Wet Wipes/small pack 1 package For when you are far away from soap and water
Rainproof Bag Cover 1 To cover day pack in order to protect from rain.optoinal.
Hand Sanitizer 1 (optional)
Snacks For hiking: chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, biltong energy bars etc.
Toilet Kit 1 Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet articles, handiwipes, lotion, contact lenses and solution, comb, mirror etc. It is best to bring small, travel-sized containers.
Small Towel or Sarong 1 For after washing.
Pain Killers,you might have to check with your doctor. Ibuprofen, Aceteminophen, or Paracetamol. Make sure to notify chaperones of what you are carrying.
Personal First Aid Kit 1 For minor cuts, bruises, and blisters.