We believe in not only creating employment for local Tanzanian guides and porters but also in capacity building, giving them skills that can be transferred into their growth and development. We offer internationally accredited training to all of our guides and porters for Emergency and Wilderness First Aid.

The people who help us climb are known in Kiswahili as “Wagamu” the word for strong. They are highly skilled professionals with an enthusiasm for climbing. Each has a passion for the mountain and they are happy to pass this on to our climbers to help them on their way and make all of our treks unforgettable experiences. With most guides and porters having climbed the mountain well over 100 times, the team is tough and knowledgeable and can teach you everything you need to know about high altitude trekking: safety, climate zones, flora and fauna.

You will come away from your climb feeling you know the mountain and its people!

Our management team is made up of outdoors enthusiasts who can’t wait to introduce you to the beauty and adventure of East Africa!

Consea Dissa

Owner & Guide

109 climbs to the rooftop of Africa

Emmanuel Paul


Over 157 climbs to the rooftop of Africa

Annie Gunton

Digital Marketing Manager

Long-term East African resident keeping us up-to-date online.