Summit Trails helps Pizza Hut set a Guinness World Record®

Pizza Hut Delivery

Summit Trails helps Pizza Hut set a Guinness World Records® Title for Highest Altitude Pizza Delivery on Land!

Pizza Hut celebrated opening up a restaurant in their 100th country, Tanzania, by delivering a pizza to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro …. and guess who was guiding the pizza delivery up Kili in an amazing 2 days to summit? None other than Consea and our Summit Trails guides! The delivery set the Guinness World Records® title for the highest altitude pizza delivery on land at a height of 19,341 feet.

Consea was yet again our fearless leader. He not only led the climb, he handled all the photos and video on the trek, which was essential for proof in order to gain the Guinness World Record®. They had to move very quickly up the mountain, but Consea said he felt really confident they wouldn’t have a problem with the feat. He took the whole thing in stride, really just focusing on their goal. When I asked how the climb was, he stated with a smile “So basically I climbed the mountain in 2 days, from the elevation of 1800m up to 5895m. There wasn’t time for much else, we just wanted to reach the summit as quickly as possible with video and photos.” Once they successfully got the hot pizza to the summit, he then had the task to get the photos and video down the mountain as quickly as possible to be ready for Guinness World Records® approval and the press releases for Pizza Hut.

So how has Consea celebrated and recovered from his mountainous achievement of flying the Pizza Hut pizza delivery up to the summit by feet? He jumped into preparations for the next fantastic climb we have scheduled for May. Our She-Trekkers! A group of friends from different countries who have been training amazingly all over South Africa for months to get ready to reach Uhuru Peak. They have amazing enthusiasm and we know this will be fun climb, full of laughing and encouragement.

Ubuntu and Furaha will abound!



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