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Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was a defining moment in my life. New to climbing, hiking, and camping “Kili” was bound to be unlike any adventure I had ever had. From start to finish the tour was organized in such a way that I felt supported no matter what challenge I faced. The skill in which the guides were able to build a team with my companions and I made the trip unforgettable. I will fondly remember the nights we all spent in the mess tent sipping milo and recounting our day’s adventure. Summit night was the most grueling and remarkable experience of the entire trip. With Consea and his team motivating us with their upbeat and positive attitude I never will I forget the ecstatic feeling of making it to Stella Point after a solid night of hiking! Always responsive to the needs of the team our last night in Moshi Consea brought us a whole roasted goat! This kind gesture was in response to the remarks about the wonderful goat from our dinner the first night we arrived when Consea took us to a local restaurant. As time goes by I remember the trip more fondly, in particular the care in which Consea organized the trip to make it one of the most spectacular experiences I will ever have. Go Summit-trails.

Charlie Olsher-Boston USA;


I can’t say enough about how well Consea organised our trip up Kilimanjaro. I’ve done a few organised tours before, and often, I’ve found the guide to just “go through the motions” with their trip, doing the bare minimum and never really showing any passion or excitement. Consea was the complete opposite of that. He always had such enthusiasm for what we were doing, for the country we were visiting, and that classic smile of his never left his face. He was always willing to answer questions, and motivated each and every one of us to get up that mountain, especially when times got tough. You could truly tell he loved what he did, and, as a result, each of us got to share that love and excitement of what we were doing. From organising transport, accommodation, equipment, personnel and the trip itself, Consea did a fantastic job. Definitely one of the best trips I have ever done!

Jeff Spicer-melbourn AUSTRALIA;


Sitting 3600 meters above the world with nothing but a hot mug of milo and the summit towering just behind us- I can’t think of much which will beat the awe of that sight.  Our trek up Kili was so wonderfully challenging. Consea and his team looked after us so well. The trek was hard but Consea and Tom’s constant support and positivity made it so much easier. They really helped us find the strength to climb that next hill and ensured we had time to stop and marvel at the beauty of the mountain. And it was so wonderful every evening coming into camp with our tents set up and food ready to go. I can’t imagine doing this any other way. As a Tanzanian, Consea and his team were just awesome and they really helped us to understand the myths of the mountain and the wonderful Tanzanian people. Could not recommend them any higher.

Robyn Spicer Melbourne AUSTRALIA;


My journey to and from Tanzania, as well as to and from the summit of Kilimanjaro, was an adventure I will never forget. Our main organizer and guide, Consea Dissa, made every aspect of the trip a pleasure; from making sure we had all the necessary gear, ALWAYS answering our questions with ease and patience, to listening to our complaints as we tirelessly made it to the top, I can honestly say I don’t think I would have made it without Consea. Simple things such as knowing the country, culture, language, and mountain made difficult situations turn into no big deal. From departure from Johannesburg, up and down the mountain, to our safari trip to see the greater Tanzania, Consea made everything perfect. I would highly recommend using Consea as a trip organizer and guide – I can promise you nothing can go wrong with him! His easy going and laid back nature will make you feel at ease, confident, and happy – exactly how you should be for a trip like this!

Chelsea Weis-New Hampshire USA;


When you have set a goal for yourself like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, you want nothing to stand in the way. Whether it was the preparation for our trip, the long daily treks, the steep climb on summit night, or the moment we reached the summit – Consea Dissa was every bit the strength that made it all possible. His constant optimism, high energy, and faithful dedication helped me to feel safe and supported. Whenever I felt discouraged or exhausted, a simple glance in Consea’s direction met with his smile and positive words motivated me to keep going. He is the kind of man you want in your corner – encouraging, optimistic, skilled, and devoted to the goal…reaching the summit safely and with a smile on your face!

Amanda Akerley-New Hampshire USA;


Without his encouraging words, I am unsure that I would have summited. He was there every day cheering me on and instilling the belief in me that I needed to carry on. Climbing Kili was the biggest achievement of my life and thanks to Consea, one of my happiest memories. I proved to myself that I could do something that I didn’t think I could. Consea believed in me since the day I hesitantly agreed to climb the mountain. He is realistic and nurturing. I love this man and am so grateful for his time and effort. This is a great company with a fantastic head guide. I would highly recommend climbing Kili with Consea!

Beth Ciambrello-New York USA;


I climbed Kilimanjaro,thanks to Consea, ‘ one of my dreams became true. The organization since they picked us up from the airport since they take us back to Kilimanjaro airport was amazing, all went as planned. But the most important thing is the group of individuals working with Consea , they were like our family and make this an unforgettable experience.Thank you Consea/Macho!

Aitor Rey-Spain;


Kilimanjaro kicked my butt – in the best possible way. It was a once in a lifetime experience , the memories of which will always make me smile and feel proud that I climbed it. All of my gratitude goes to Consea and his team who made this journey comfortable, fun and culturally enriching – I seriously could not have done it without them. I will be telling all my friends to conquer that mountain with Consea, a man who literally got me to the top with his inspiring words and patience. Thanks team!

Deane Slattery -Melbourne Australia;


Consea’s first-hand knowledge of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and Tanzanian culture are invaluable. I’m thankful for the motivation and inspiration that he provided from start to finish – his constant positive attitude and confidence got me to the top of that mountain!

Chris Fazenbaker -Michigan –USA;


There were times that I did not think I would make it. Consea kept me motivated, especially on the final accent.So I would like to thank Consea for helping me summit. I would consider climbing Kili a once in a life time experience and one which I will never forget.Thank you Consea.

Luke Kissack Johannesburg- SA;